A multidisciplinary brand and design studio born through the merger of Slaughter Group and Odie & Partners. The Devote site will be shared soon. To view archived work, visit slaughtergroup.com or odiepartners.com
It is a giving of oneself to a cause or a person. A solemn vow. A commitment. A pledge. Devote is not a noun. It's not an adjective. It is a verb. We devote. We devote ourselves to truth and beauty, and to the common good. Our prayer is not to devote ourselves unto ourselves, but to devote ourselves unto others, unto one another. To devote is to be intentional. It is not a reaction. It is intentional action. We solemnly devote ourselves to excellence, love, integrity, compassion, kindness, responsibility, innovation, hospitality, and joy. Devote. It is the abandonment of ourselves to something bigger, something more significant.